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NCCR Publications
The implications of mine ownership for the management of the boom: a comparative analysis of Zambia
Written by Bova Elva   
Working paper 09-13.doc

Money and exchange rate channels for food and non food inflation: a cointegrated VAR for Zambia
Written by Bova Elva   
This paper uses a cointegrated VAR to detect how sensitive Zambian food and non food inflation is to changes in the money supply and in the exchange rate.
Working paper 09-12.doc

Written by Bova Elva   
This paper examines the behaviour of the Zambian Kwacha with respect to movements in the copper price.
working paper09-11.doc

Macroeconomic Trilemma and Capital Controls
Written by Cozzi Giovanni; Nissanke Machiko   
Macroeconomic Trilemma and Capital Controls: Revisiting the Malaysian Experience, NCCR Trade Regulation Working Paper 2009/27

The Case for an Intermediate Exchange Rate Regime: An Empirical Study of Brazil
Written by Kaltenbrunner Anina; Nissanke Machiko   
Set in the context of the recent theoretical and policy debates on appropriate exchange rate regimes for emerging market economies in a world of free capital mobility, the primary objectives of this paper are: i) to present the case for an intermediate exchange rate regime, drawing on recent theoretical and empirical literatures on behavioural finance and currency market structures; and ii) to examine empirically the experiences and evolution of the foreign exchange market in Brazil.

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