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Workshops & Seminars
Past Events
Future Challenges of International Law: the Way Forward in Patenting Biotechnology
Symposium organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in cooperation with the University of Bern and the World Trade Institute
25 November 2009, WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland
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Rights to Animal Genetic Resources
NCCR Workshop "Rights to Animal Genetic Resources"
27-28 November 2008, WTI, Berne, Switzerland
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NanotechnologyBrown Bag Seminar, Speaker: Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Georg Karlaganis, Head of Substances, Soil and Biotechnology
Division, Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Berne
31 March 2008, 12.15-13.45, WTI, Berne, Switzerland
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International Law Association Conference on Biotechnology and International TradeInternational Law Association (ILA)
"Biotechnology and International Trade"
November 16-17, 2007, World Trade Institute-Hallestrasse 6-3012 Berne-Auditorium Anna Nussbaum-13.30
For further information please download the Programme.pdf or contact

IP9 Workshop "Liability & Redress"
"Liability and Redress Regimes as Regards Biotechnology"
16 May 2007-World Trade Institute-Hallerstrasse 6-3012 Berne-Alpenraum-13.30
For details and registration, please contact

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IP9 Workshop "Prior Informed Consent""Human Rights in the Patent Procedure: The Issue of Prior Informed Consent of Human Donors"
28 March 2007, World Trade Institute, Berne - Auditorium Anna Nussbaum - 13.30

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IP9 Workshop "Governmental Regulation, Identity Preservation and Private Standards""Governmental Regulation, Identity Preservation and Private Standards - GM-products in the Food Chain"
4-5 May 2007-World Trade Institute-Hallerstrasse 6-3012 Berne
Please click for the Official Program Workshop Private Standards.pdf

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