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Aerni Philipp Alternate Leader, Agriculture (IP05)
Andreas Lendle Research Assistant, Regionalism (IP03)
Armingeon Klaus Leader of an individual project, Constitutionalism (IP01)
Baltensperger Ernst Leader of an individual project, Finance (IP10)
Bargawi Hannah Doctoral Student, Primary Commodities (IP12.1)
Biber-Klemm Susette Alternate Leader, Biotechnology (IP09)
Bochneak Danielle Visiting Researcher, Biotechnology (IP09)
Boie Bertram Doctoral Student, Investment (IP11)
Bova Elva Doctoral Student, Exchange Rate Regimes (IP12.2)
Brigitte Brun Doctoral Student, Decision Making (IP02)
Burkard Michael Doctoral Student, Biotechnology (IP09)
Burri-Nenova Mira Alternate Leader, eDiversity (IP07)
Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Doctoral Student, Agriculture (IP05)
Carpenter Theresa Co-Alternate Leader, Regionalism/SDT (IP03), ,
Chaisse Julien Alternate Leader, Investment (IP11)
Choudhury Barnali Doctoral Student, Human Rights (IP04)
Cottier Thomas Project Leader (IP09); Chairman of the ILA committee on biotechnology
Cottier Thomas Leader of an individual project, Energy (IP6)
Delimatsis Panagiotis Associate Researcher, Services (IP08)
Desta Melaku Geboye Former Leader of an individual project, Consultant (IP6)
Dick Kamuganga Research Assistant, SDT, (IP03)
Diebold Nicolas Doctoral Student, Services (IP08)
Dolotbaeva Aida Doctoral Student, Biotechnology (IP09), ,
Dupont Cédric Leader of an individual project, Decision Making (IP02)
Efremova Maria Affiliate, (IP6), ,
Elisa Gamberoni Doctoral Student, Regionalism/SDT (IP03)
Elsig Manfred Alternate Leader, Constitutionalism (IP01), ,
Elsig Manfred Alternate Leader, Decision Making (IP02)
Gehne Katja Alternate Leader, Human Rights (IP04)
Germann Christoph Co-Alternate Leader, Regionalism/SDT (IP03)
Graber Christoph Beat Leader of an individual project, eDiversity (IP07)
Gugler Philippe Leader of an individual project, Investment (IP11)
Häberli Christian
Senior Consultant, Agriculture (IP05), ,
Herger Nils Alternate Leader, Finance (IP10)
Heri Simone Doctoral Student, Human Rights (IP04)
Hodler Roland Research Associate, Finance (IP10)
Holzer Kateryna Affiliate, (IP6)
Humbert Franziska Consultant, Human Rights (IP04), ,
Jankowski Damaris Consultant, Biotechnology (IP09), ,
Jevtic Ana Research Fellow, Biotechnology (IP09)
Joëlle de Sépibus Consultant, (IP6), ,
Jusoh Sufian Doctoral Student, Biotechnology (IP09), ,
Karapinar Baris Senior Research Fellow, Agriculture (IP05), ,
Kaufmann Christine Leader of an individual project, Human Rights (IP04)
Keller Michael Research Assistant, Sovereign Wealth Funds Project, Investment (IP11), ,
Lebeck Carl Alternate Leader, Constitutionalism (IP01)
Lehmann Bernard Leader of an individual project, Agriculture (IP05)
Li Xuan Consultant in the field of Traditional Knowledge (IP09)
Lobsiger Michael Doctoral Student, Finance (IP10)
Malumfashi Garba Doctoral Student, Energy (IP6), ,
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