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‘Sustainability’ in Chinese Agriculture: Stakeholders’ Perceptions and Policy Trade-offs Baris Karapinar 2010 Jan
The environmental integrity of the CDM De Sepibus Joelle 2009 Nov
Reforming the Clean Development Mechanism De Sepibus Joelle 2009 Nov
A Two-Tier Approach to WTO Decision Making Cottier Thomas 2009 Sep
The Protection and Promotion of Cultural Diversity in a Digital Networked Environment Burri-Nenova Mira; Graber Christoph Beat; Steiner Thomas 2009 Aug
Trade Finance and Financial Crises Herger Nils 2009 Aug
Towards a New Balance of Trade in Agriculture Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth 2009 Jul
Human Rights Aspects of Indigenous Cultural Property Repatriation Kuprecht Karolina 2009 Jun
How Preferential are Preferential Trade Agreements?:Analysis of Product Exclusions in PTAs Damuri Yose 2009 Jun
The implications of mine ownership for the management of the boom: a comparative analysis of Zambia Bova Elva 2009 Jun
The Spoke Trap: hub and spoke bilateralism in East Asia Baldwin Richard 2009 Jun
A 3 bloc dance: East Asian regionalism and the North Atlantic trade giants Baldwin Richard; Carpenter Theresa 2009 Jun
Are Free Trade Agreements Contagious? Baldwin Richard; Jaimovich Dany 2009 Jun
An Econometric Analysis of India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement Joshi Vivek 2009 Jun
Biofuels under the WTO Laws: The "Good", the "Bad", and the (Really) Ugly Nartova Olga 2009 May
European Union Trade Policy after Enlargement Elsig Manfred 2009 May
Macroeconomic Trilemma and Capital Controls Cozzi Giovanni; Nissanke Machiko 2009 May
Can the WTO Ensure that Food Aid is Genuine? Heri Simone; Häberli Christian 2009 May
Can the WTO Ensure that Food Aid is Genuine? Heri Simone; Häberli Christian 2009 May
Energy in WTO Law and Policy Cottier Thomas; Malumfashi Garba I.; Matteotti-Berkutova Sofya; Nartova Olga; Z. Bigdeli Sadeq 2009 May
The environmental integrity of the CDM mechanism De Sépibus Joelle 2009 May
Nanotechnology for Policymakers Jost Dannie 2009 May
Tanzania’s Agricultural Institutions in Flux Bargawi Hannah 2009 May
International Trade Law: The Impact of Justiciability and Separation of Powers in EC Law Cottier Thomas 2009 Apr
The Protection and Promotion of Cultural Diversity at the International Level Burri Nenova Mira 2009 Apr
Geographical Indications:Review of Seven Case Studies World Wide El Benni Nadja; Reviron Sophie 2009 Apr
Geographical Indications: Discussions and Negotiations about Protection Tools El Benni Nadja 2009 Apr
Geographical Indications: Economic Value in Developing Countries Reviron Sophie; Thevenod-Mottet Erik; El Benni Nadja 2009 Apr
Trade And? The World Trade Organization’s Fuzzy Borders: A Framework Paper Dupont Cédric; Elsig Manfred 2009 Apr
Money and exchange rate channels for food and non food inflation: a cointegrated VAR for Zambia Bova Elva 2009 Mar
The New Price Makers Newman Susan 2009 Mar
Cultural Diversity and the EC Audiovisual Media Service Directive: Beyond the Handsome Rhetoric Burri Nenova Mira 2009 Mar
State Aid for Digital Games and Cultural Diversity Graber Christoph Beat 2009 Mar
Carbon Labeling: Moral, Economic and Legal Implications in a World Trade Environment Nartova Olga 2009 Mar
Online Games under WTO Law: Unresolved Classification Issues Steiner Thomas 2009 Feb
Trade and Culture: Keep the Border Fuzzy, Please Burri Nenova Mira 2009 Feb
User Created Content in Virtual Worlds and Cultural Diversity Burri Nenova Mira 2009 Jan
The Chinese International Investments - Corporate and government strategies Gugler Philippe; Boie Bertram 2008 Dec
Cosmopolitan Values in International Economic Law: Myths and Realities Cottier Thomas 2008 Dec
Carbon Markets in North America Nartova Olga 2008 Nov
The Legitimacy of WTO Law Cottier Thomas 2008 Nov
Linking the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to JI, CDM and post-2012 International Offsets De Sépibus Joëlle 2008 Oct
Market Access in Switzerland and in the EU for Agricultural Products from Least Developed Countries Christian Häberli 2008 Jul
Corruption and the WTO Legal System Nadakavukaren Krista 2008 Jun
Labour mobility as a win-win-win model for trade and development in the case of Senegal Panizzon Marion 2008 Jun
The role of international commodity exchanges in price formation and the transmission of price risks Newman Susan 2008 Jun
The Case for an Intermediate Exchange Rate Regime: An Empirical Study of Brazil Kaltenbrunner Anina; Nissanke Machiko 2008 May
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