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Humanist Education as a Tool of Empowerment Aerni Philipp 2009 Dec
A New Approach to Deal with the Global Food Crisis Aerni Philipp 2009 Dec
What is sustainable agriculture? Aerni Philipp 2009 Dec
Exploring the Linkages of Commerce, Higher Education and Human Development Aerni Philipp 2009 Nov
Nostalgia versus pragmatism? How attitudes and interests shape the term sustainable agriculture Aerni Philipp 2009 Sep
Why Will China Establish a Government-Sponsored Response Mechanism in Countervailing Games? Chaisse Julien; Xinjie Luan 2009 Sep
The CFS Case: Looking back and Looking forward Chaisse Julien; Xinjie Luan 2009 Sep
Beyond the EC—Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs Case (in Chinese) Chaisse Julien; Xinjie Luan 2009 Sep
Carbon labelling: Moral, economic and legal implications in a world trade environment Olga Nartova 2009 Jul
Poverty, Hunger and International Trade: What's Law got to Do with it Kaufmann Christine 2009 May
Uncovering Gender Silences in International Trade Choudhury Barnali 2009 May
A Tale of Two Solitudes? Assessing the Effects of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity on WTO Sauvé Pierre; Gomez Bustos Laura 2009 May
Winterkrieg im Gasgeschäft: Ursachen und Auswirkungen Cottier Thomas; Matteotti-Berkutova Sofya; Nartova Olga 2009 May
L’émergence des multinationales chinoises Gugler Philippe; Boie Bertram 2009 Apr
L’option régionale de la politique commerciale européenne à l’épreuve de l’Asie émergente Chaisse Julien 2009 Apr
En quête de cohérence: l'interprétation du concept de restriction quantitative Delimatsis Panagiotis; Lièvre Pauline 2009 Mar
Financial Innovation and Climate Change Delimatsis Panagiotis 2009 Mar
Trade and Culture: Making the WTO Legal Framework Conducive to Cultural Considerations Burri Nenova Mira 2008 Nov
Is Investment Arbitration’s Engagement of the Public Interest Contributing to Democratic Deficit? Choudhury Barnali 2008 Nov
Appropriate Level of Deference for Domestic Court Reviews of Investor-State Arbitral Awards Choudhury Barnali 2008 Nov
East Asian preferential trade agreements in services: liberalization content and WTO rules Molinuevo Martín; Fink Carsten 2008 Oct
Policy, Vulnerability and the New Debt Sustainability Framework Ferrarini Benno 2008 Sep
How are Chinese multinational enterprises different? Gugler Philippe 2008 Aug
Trade versus Culture in the Digital Environment: An Old Conflict in Need of a New Definition Burri Nenova Mira 2008 Jul
Corporate Social Responsibility for Developing Country Multinational Corporations Gugler Philippe; Shi Jacylyn 2008 Jul
World Investment Report 2007 - Transnational Corporations, Extractive Industries and Development Gugler Philippe 2008 Jul
The World Trade Organization's Legitimacy Crisis: What Does the Beast Look Like? Elsig Manfred 2008 May
The EU's Choice of Regulatory Venues for Trade Negotiations: A Tale of Agency Power? Elsig Manfred 2008 May
Benefiting from biotechnology: pro-poor IPRs and public private partnerships Karapinar Baris; Temmerman Michelangelo 2008 May
Agricultural biotechnology and its contribution to the knowledge economy Aerni Philipp 2008 May
Global Constitutionalism: Process and Substance Armingeon Klaus; Peters Anne (eds.) 2008 May
Anti-terrorism measures of UN Security Council in EC/EU-Law - constitutional dilemmas of... Lebeck Carl 2008 May
Compensatory Constitutionalism: A Comparative Perspective Armingeon Klaus; Milewicz Karolina 2008 May
Proposal for a State-Contingent Debt Sustainability Framework Ferrarini Benno 2008 May
Compensatory Aid and Debt Relief - A Case Study of Uganda Ferrarini Benno 2008 May
Bilateralism in Services Trade: Is There Fire Behind the (BIT-)Smoke? Molinuevo Martín; Adlung Rudolf 2008 Apr
East Asian Free Trade Agreeements in Services: Key Architectural Elements Molinuevo Martín; Fink Carsten 2008 Apr
Protecting Cultural Diversity in a Digital World Burri Nenova Mira 2008 Apr
Sollen Biotreibstoffe subventioniert werden? Z. Bigdeli Sadeq 2008 Apr
Will the "Friends of Climate" Emerge in the WTO? Z. Bigdeli Sadeq 2008 Apr
Regulatory Objectives for Contemporary Electronic Communications Burri Nenova Mira 2008 Feb
The New Audiovisual Media Services Directive: Television without Cultural Diversity Burri Nenova Mira 2007 Dec
The Reform of the EC Audiovisual Media Regulation Burri Nenova Mira 2007 Dec
The Changing Environment of Audiovisual Media Burri Nenova Mira 2007 Dec
How the Openness of Good Faith Limits the Flexibility of WTO Dispute Settlement Panizzon Marion 2007 Nov
Benefiting from Biotechnology: Promoting small-farm competitiveness and intellectual property rights Karapinar Baris; Temmerman Michelangelo 2007 Nov
Benefiting from Biotechnology: Promoting small-farm competitiveness and intellectual property rights Karapinar Baris; Temmerman Michelangelo 2007 Nov
Active Labour Market Policy, International Organizations, and Domestic Politics Armingeon Klaus 2007 Nov
Kleinstaaten in Weltmärkten Armingeon Klaus 2007 Oct
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