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WE CARE! Feminist Responses to the Care Crisis Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Jul 2009
Cultural Diversity and the EC Audiovisual Media Services Directive: Beyond the Handsome Rhetoric Burri Nenova Mira Jun 2009
Misunderstanding Creativity Burri Nenova Mira May 2009
Book Review: Intellectual Property, Public Policy, and International Trade Burri Nenova Mira May 2009
Online-Computerspiele der SRG: Noch nicht 'game over' Steiner Thomas May 2009
U1 TV: kein Anspruch auf Aufschaltung im analogen Kabelnetz Steiner Thomas May 2009
Mapping Coherence in International Investment Law Gehne Katja May 2009
The services trade component of an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Sauvé Pierre; Audet Denis May 2009
Developing a trade policy framework to mainstream trade in development plans Sauvé Pierre May 2009
Tourism Services Liberalization: The Role of Business Advocacy Sauvé Pierre; Ward Natasha May 2009
A New Global Climate Deal? Malumfashi Garba I. May 2009
Trade and Culture: Paths to (Re)conciliation Burri Nenova Mira Mar 2009
Trade and Culture Burri Nenova Mira Feb 2009
Zertifikatskurs Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Modul Globales Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Jan 2009
Public Broadcasting and European Law / Book Review Burri Nenova Mira Jan 2009
Transational partnerships in a eurafrican migration context Panizzon Marion Dec 2008
The Politics of Principles in WTO Dispute Settlement Practice Panizzon Marion Nov 2008
Report of the 2008 ILA Rio Conference: International Law and Biotechnology International Law Association (Chair: Prof. Dr. Thomas Cottier) Oct 2008
Migrationspartnerschaften-ein neues Instrument der schweizerischen Aussenpolitik Panizzon Marion Oct 2008
The Democratic Implications Arising From the Intersection of Investment Arbitration and Human Rights Choudhury Barnali Oct 2008
World Trade Forum Session: "Food Aid and Aid for Trade" Heri Simone Sep 2008
Food Security Related Adjustments to the Regulatory Framework Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Sep 2008
La mobilité du travail: un modèle gagnant- gagnant-gagnant pour le commerce et le développement Panizzon Marion Sep 2008
User Created Content and Cultural Diversity in Online Worlds Burri Nenova Mira Sep 2008
Korruption im Handel und die Menschenrechte: Ein heikles Abwägen Nadakavukaren-Schefer Krista Jul 2008
Mobilität der Arbeitskräfte: Eine neue Dimension des Migrationsrechts Panizzon Marion May 2008
(Return) Reciprocity Revisited and Shared Responsibility within or outside GATS mode 4 Panizzon Marion May 2008
Model WTO 2008 Z. Bigdeli Sadeq May 2008
The sustainability impact of Swiss agricultural policy on developing trading partners Karapinar Baris; Haeberli Christian; Aerni Philipp; Meister Monica May 2008
Stakeholder attitudes toward sustainable agriculture in Switzerland and New Zealand – a comparative Aerni Philipp May 2008
EU-India TIA Liberalization of the Legal Sector Delimatsis Panagiotis May 2008
New Directions in the Protection of Cultural Diversity in a Digital Networked Environment Burri Nenova Mira May 2008
Lessons Learned from the Negotiations and Litigation on Cotton Stucki Philipp Apr 2008
Sustainability and Agricultural Trade Regulation Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Apr 2008
China, Tibet, Human Rights, and the Big Money Kaufmann Christine Apr 2008
Façonner une mobilité du travail réciproque: Le cas du Sénégal Panizzon Marion Apr 2008
A Social Clause in the EFTA-Indian FTA? Nadakavukaren Schefer Krista Apr 2008
New Voices in Human Rights - Gendered Implications of International Trade Policies Choudhury Barnali Apr 2008
Cultural Diversity Burri Nenova Mira Apr 2008
Transparency and Public Participation Mechanisms in Regional Trade Agreements and Other Regimes Bonzon Yves Apr 2008
Emerging Patterns of New International Law Elsig Manfred Apr 2008
Wer bestimmt, was auf den Teller kommt Burkard Michael Apr 2008
Landwirtschaft zwischen sozialem, ökologischem, wirtschaftlichem Nutzen Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Apr 2008
Taming the Eagle Dupont Cédric et al. Mar 2008
Learning from Sutherland and Warwick Elsig Manfred Mar 2008
L’impact pour les pays tiers de la libéralisation des services et de l’investissement en Asie Sauvé Pierre Jan 2008
Investment Regulation through Trade Agreements: Lessons from Asia Sauvé Pierre Jan 2008
International Environmental Law and the Emerging Concept of Common Concern of Mankind Cottier Thomas Nov 2007
Nachhaltiges WTO-Agrarabkommen? Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Oct 2007
Internationale Regelwerke und Fragmentierung Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth Oct 2007
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