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The Max-Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Heidelberg) asked IP 8 to participate in the
Max-Planck Commentaries on World Trade Law, Vol. 6: WTO - Trade in Services, Brill Publishers (2008, forthcoming)  R. Wolfrum/P.-T. Stoll/C. Feinäugle (eds.) in September 2006. IP 8 team members delivered commentaries on Articles III, III bis (Panagiotis Delimatsis), Article V (Martin Molineuvo together with Thomas Cottier), Article XI(Marion Panizzon together with Benedict F. Christ), Article XIV, XIVbis (Panagiotis Delimatsis, Nicolas Diebold and Thomas Cottier), Article XVI (Panagiotis Delimatsis and Martin Molinuevo), Article XIX (Panagiotis Delimatsis), Article XX (Martin Molinuevo)

The ICTSD's Trade in Services Programme (Heidi Ullrich and Johannes Bernabe) cooperates with IP8's Marion Panizzon on an initiative focusing on best practices in sending and receiving countries to facilitate labor mobility. The initiative's goals are generating a dialogue among sending, receiving and transit countries on different models of government or private sector regulation and liberalization of labour mobility. The first workshop on exchange of views was held from 20-22 April  2006 in Jongny. A second workshop for presenting the preliminary results from country-specific studies including an approximate template of guestworker agreements will be held in early 2007.  Meanwhile NCCR-Trade IP 8s Marion Panizzon's  together with ICTDS's Heidi Ullrich and Johannes Bernabe, are coordinating, as well as writing parts of the ICTSD-NCCR-Trade best practices handbook on regulating the flow of migrant labour and the return of migrant work to sending State. The handbook's lead author for most country studies, except those relating to Switzerland and the EU, will be the North-South Institute's Chantal Blouin, who will draw from the NCCR-ICTSD workshop participants' knowledge.

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