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Using WTO for the Protection of Human Rights in China? Print
Brown Bag Seminar by Phil C. W. Chan, Senior Visiting Researcher, Institut für Öffentliches Recht, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg; Senior Visiting Scholar Designate, Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University
12 November 2007, 12.15-13.45, WTI, Berne

The question of the conflict and commensurability between human rights and trade has received an abundance of scholarly attention (and mass protests) in the past two decades. Human rights advocates believe that liberalisation of trade regulations causes and contributes to human rights abuses and violations, whilst trade advocates believe that enhanced international trade provides benefits and opportunities and a generally higher standard of living especially in developing countries. With China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation in December 2001, the significance and immediacy of the relationship between human rights and trade has become ever more pronounced, as the human rights situation in China continues to be unfavourable. This seminar, based on my article to appear in the European Business Law Review, will examine the notion and development of human rights in China, and whether the WTO is capable of impacting the development and enforcement of human rights in China through its compulsory dispute resolution and enforcement mechanisms and its provision for trade sanctions

CV of Phil C.W. Chan

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