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The project comprises three components:

(1) Commodity price trends and market structures
Focuses on the relationships between supply and demand in the markets for commodities exported by low-income countries, where price formation takes place in the context of an asymmetric distribution of power and information between buyers, sellers and producers along global commodity chains.

(2) Commodity price volatility and poverty
Analyses the mechanisms through which commodity price shocks impact on poor rural households and how formal and informal mechanisms mitigate these effects. Particular attention is placed on an appraisal of recent initiatives aimed at reducing vulnerability and volatility, such as those proposed by the Bretton Woods Institutions.

(3) Financial mechanisms to deal with exogenous shocks 
Focuses on financial instruments official creditors would optimally deploy  to counter the negative effects of commodity price volatility and other exogenous shocks to the trade balance of low-income countries.
Focus of individual researchers

Machiko Nissanke (Project Leader)
Supervision of PhD candidates

Benno Ferrarini (Alt. Project Leader)
Trade and finance

Hannah Bargawi (PhD Candidate)
Price volatility and poverty

Susan Newman  (PhD Candidate)
Price trends, volatility and market structures

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