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Multilateral Investment Rules Print
Brown Bag Seminar, Speaker: Dr. Ana Teresa Tavares, Assistant Professor, International Economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto
8 April 2008, 12.30-13.30, WTI, Berne, Switzerland

Full Title:
Multilateral Investment Rules: Achieving a Balance between the Rights/Obligations of Companies and Countries

  “The history of international investment agreements has seen radical shifts in the public policy pendulum as represented by the balance of forces for regulation as compared with liberalization. In the recent past, liberalization forces have predominated, leading to strong bargaining power for multinational firms in their relationships with host governments – in all countries but especially those in the developing world.

  Since the final years of the last millennium, a new wave has begun to emerge, putting back on the agenda the issue of the obligations of companies and the rights of the countries in which they operate. The objective of the upcoming Brown Bag Seminar is to review these developments and discuss options for progress both within and out with the WTO”.

Biography of Dr. Tavares

  Ana Teresa Tavares is an Assistant Professor of  International Economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto. She is affiliated with CEMPRE, one of the major research centres in Economics in Portugal, and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Economics, University of Reading, and at the Strathclyde International Business Unit, University of Strathclyde. She holds a Bachelors' degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics of Porto and  a Masters' and Ph.D. in International Business from the University of Reading, UK. 
  She has conducted postdoctoral research at the  University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. She has been a consultant of several Portuguese and  international institutions in the field of international business and regional development. Her research interests focus on multinational enterprise strategy, development impact and linkages between multinationals and local agents, the strategic behaviour and evolution of multinational subsidiaries, and policy vis-à-vis multinationals. She has presented papers in these themes in over 20 international conferences and has published in the Journal of Global Business, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, and Managerial Finance. She has published widely on these topics in international journals and books, and has been a consultant to various institutions on regional development and on FDI policy.

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