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Towards Regulatory Action on Nanomaterials Print
Brown Bag Seminar, Speaker: Thomas Cottier, Professor of European and International Economic Law at the University of Bern
30 March 2009, 12.15 - 13.45 Auditorium Anna Nussbaum, WTI, Berne, Switzerland

"Nanomaterials: The Scope of Domestic Regulatory Action under WTO Law"

The presentation will consist of a brief introduction on promises and the potential threats associated with synthetic nanomaterials in contemporary technology and the need to create framework conditions for responsible handling of synthetic nanoparticles. After having a look at the existing Swiss chemical law and its obligations, an overview of the relevant provisions in WTO Law seeks to provide guidelines for creating a WTO compatible framework. In a last stage one specific measure will be analysed as to which conditions must be fulfilled so as not to violate international law.

About the Speaker

Prof. Thomas Cottier is Professor of European and International Economic Law at the University of Bern, Managing Director of the World Trade Institute and Director of the national research programme on trade law and policy (NCCR International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation to Coherence).

Prof. Cottier has a long-standing involvement in GATT / WTO activities. He served on the Swiss negotiating team of the Uruguay Round from 1986 to 1993, first as Chief negotiator on dispute settlement and subsidies for Switzerland and subsequently as Chief negotiator on TRIPs. He held several positions in the Swiss External Economic Affairs Department and was the Deputy-Director General of the Swiss Intellectual Property Office. In addition to his conceptual work in the fields of services and intellectual property and legal counselling, he has also served as a member or chair of several GATT and WTO panels.

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