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IP4 - Human Rights and Trade Print
The fact that trading activities have an impact on human lives is so obvious that the study of such impacts on human dignity and the ability of individuals to develop to their fullest potential has been widely ignored by both the trade law community and the human rights law community. Extending from the trade-and-environment and trade-and-labor discussions, the idea of looking at trade and human rights has come about through an increasing awareness of the reciprocal influences of the trade law system and the human rights law system. The study of trade and human rights is now one of the most exciting areas of "trade linkage" inquiry. How do two legal systems, previously developing along independent paths and arguably based on fundamentally different principles, interact?

The individual project on Trade and Human Rights aims to take a broad view of its namesake - looking at investment law as well as the rules governing international trade as set out in the World Trade Organization agreements and those of regional trade groups and analyzing how they promote and/or hinder the protection, enforcement, and evolution of human rights.

Project Description in German

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