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IP5 - Sustainable Agriculture within WTO Law and Policy

Sustainability is recognized as an important and major benchmark for economic development. Its definition has evolved over the last thirty years, and there have been various versions adopted by economists, agronomists, and environmentalists. Recently, efforts have mainly focused on developing the concept in environmental law and policy. However, the analyses of the linkages between international trade and sustainability, as well as other related fields such as environmental regulation, non-trade concerns, and new technologies, such as genetic engineering are still fundamentally fragmented. This project seeks to provide new approaches to agricultural trade regulation that is based upon the principle of sustainability and compatible with a fair and market-oriented trading system. (read more)

Project Description in German

IP 5a - Legal Aspects of SustainabilityPrint

The project consists of two doctoral studies. The first aims at developing normative benchmarks for sustainable trade in agricultural products with a special emphasis on the concept of food security. The second relates to food safety. Special attention will be paid to risk assessment and risk management. It will be informed by the principles of sustainable agriculture as developed in the first study.
The Project is separately funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and has close connections to IP5 (Agriculture) and IP9 (Biotechnology) of the NCCR “International Trade Regulation – From Fragmentation to Coherence”. (read more)

Project Description in German

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